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Caviar Kennels

Welcome to Caviar Kennels home of the beautiful, sweet and intelligent shelties for people to enjoy living with and also be able to work with. Our pride and joy is to be owned by the famous, ASSA class winner, Can/Am. Grand. Champ Belmark Vermillion. He runs free in our back yard, chasing around a couple of female fatales all the time. Whether it’s a champion, companion, or a working dog you want, Caviar dogs can do it.

We also pride ourselves in boarding dogs and cats in safety and comfort for others. Caviar has been "state and county licensed" as a commercial breeding and commercial boarding facility for over 20 years. We love boarding dogs and we board most breeds of dogs from toys to the giants in two separate buildings with individual exercise runs for each dog. We have several play yards of various sizes and you can check out or facilities under "boarding." We are wheel chair accessible.

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(December 26, 2016)

Bell has been sold
(August 16, 2016)

It is now AMERICAN CHAMPION "Felicity Mirror, Mirror
(May 19, 2016)

Working Dogs
Working Dogs - Caviar dogs excel in all categories, conformation, obedience, agility, 4-H, Junior Handling, certified therapy dogs, trick dogs, actual herding dogs, guard dogs and just plain licking your face lap dogs.
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