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Boarding Services

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Caviar’s Living Environment

Boarding Services for Cats and Dogs

Caviar has been licensed for over 20 years.

Cats are boarded only in the house. They have a cat room in which to play and large condos to sleep in.

Caviar has two separate buildings in which to house dogs.

At Caviar Kennels the dogs have an atmosphere of being free because they can go in and out of their runs through a doggy door at will, 24 hours a day. They are never kept in a small enclosure. The dogs can stay inside and sleep on their kennel beds, curl up in their blankets and listen to music. If they choose to go outside through the doggy doors, they can run up and down in an individual exercise run beside other dogs, barking and playing back and forth. They can see each other but they cannot get in with each other. Therefore, they have the feel of being with other dogs. They are separated with three foot tall brick walls and sturdy kennel fencing on top of the walls that reach all the way to the covered ceiling of the outdoor runs.

Caviar’s Living Cell

Some families bring more than one dog and they want the dogs together. We can accommodate them.

In the winter months we have several options for heat and backup solutions as well.

The dogs all get special attention twice a day when someone goes into each run to check them out, to rub their ears, scratch their bellies, pet them, throw their toys and talk to them, at no extra cost for their owners. Dog treats are given to all dogs that arenít allergic to any specific food.

We expect owners to provide their own food therefore minimizing stomach upsets.

There is house sitting at a slightly higher rate of cost. This is only for very young puppies or small toy dogs.

All dogs must be current on their shots, including (bordatella), with a vet record for proof.

Caviar’s Romper Room

We do not accept pits or part pits, as homeownerís does not insure these dogs. We retain the right to refuse any dog we feel is too aggressive, as we get in with each dog every day.

A normal type boarding contract is signed when you bring your dog in and also signed when you pick your dog up just like a day care with a place for special instructions. We are open seven days a week. Rates and hours may be subject to change, call for more information. Caviar has the most reasonable rates in town.

The kennels are wheel chair accessible.

Wheel Chair Ramp

My Staff

Cyndie Cyndi

Cyndi is a dog lover
Cyndi has trained trick dogs.
Cyndi is very observant and a very hard worker, we are lucky to have her

J. J. in AKC, CKC, UKC and International shows J. J.

-J. J. was a top Jr handler, showing in AKC, CKC, UKC and International shows. He’s also trained obedience dogs. Now that he’s all grown up he still stewards in both AKC and International rings helping the judges and learning to become a judge himself.

Play Yard

We have several play yards ranging in size from 15’ x 35’ to over half an acre.

Play yards

Latest Dogs

Am. Champ. Show Biz Cheer Up Lenny
Am. Champ. Show Biz Cheer Up Lenny
tri-fact. sable
American Champ. Felicity Mirror, Mirror
American Champ. Felicity Mirror, Mirror
tri-factored sable

Awards Achieved

multiple group winner
April 6, 1977
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June 7, 2012
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major reserve win
May 19, 2012
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Here are some random photos from our Gallery

Am/Can Ch. Macdega Mainstay ROM ROMC
Am/Int. Ch. Caviar's Main Event
I won't see Santa without my dog
Int. Ch. Caviar's Silver Eagle Bi-Hunter
''Caviar's Gotta Hav It'' with littermates.
Caviar Kennels and Boarding9
Caviar's the Night Hunter
Lockehill Cowboy Casanova grandson of Dustin
Bud,chasing squirrels
Caviar's I Believe and owner ''Corrin Hamburg'' super Jr. Handler
Caviar Kennels and Boarding5
Fiona 12 wks
Shirley Hurley and her little dog ''Chipper''
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